Renting Privately vs Through a Holiday Park

As we head into Spring, more & more families are looking towards their Summer breaks or a quick weekend away from it all.... ETK have compiled a quick "Pros & Cons" guide to help choose between a private rental, or whether to book direct through the site itself:


COST: In general, an Owner will charge a lot less than a direct booking through the park. Usually a booking direct through the park will be more expensive, (especially on "peak" dates)
PASSES: Some Owners include passes in the quoted price, some don't - so always check before you book! Passes are usually included in the quoted price
LINEN: Some Owners provide linen, some charge a small fee & other's don't provide it at all - so check before you book! Some parks provide linen as standard, others don't - so check before you book!
PAYMENT: Lots of Owners offer a "payment scheme" so your holiday can be paid in instalments to suit you - with a final "due by" date Parks will expect an immediate deposit payment on a booking enquiry, with the remaining balance to be paid by the due date
DAMAGE DEPOSIT: Most Owners will charge a damage deposit or "bond" - although this is in addition to your holiday cost, it also means if you leave the accommodation in an acceptable condition - you have some ££ due back to you after all your wages have been used as "spending money!" Parks never charge a damage deposit, so there will be no ££ due back to you after your departure
LOCATION: An Owner can advise EXACTLY where their Holiday Home is located on park before you arrive The Holiday Home is not allocated until day of arrival - so there is no choice, nor any guarantee at all as to WHERE it will be on the park, you may be staying at the furthest possible pitch from the facilities - or you may be right next door to them, which may not be suitable to your needs
PHOTOS: An Owner can provide photos, inside & out, of the ACTUAL Holiday Home you will be staying in All the park will publish are "brochure" pictures, you will not be able to view the ACTUAL Holiday Home you are staying in at any point until you arrive
STANDARD:  The overall standard of Holiday Home through a private rental will be much higher than you receive through a park booking, quite simply as it is the "personal property" of the Owner!  Most parks "grade" their Holiday Homes, with a short description of what to expect in each & pricing is relevant to the grade
CONTENTS: Even the most basic of a private rental will ALWAYS be far better equipped than a park rental Very little equipment is provided in a park rental as it is always site itinerary 
CLEANLINESS: Most Owners either employ a cleaner or oversee the cleans themselves, usually at least 2 hours is allowed for this Parks employ cleaners who have to clean a number of Holiday Homes within a short space of time, usually 40mins x 2 cleaners is allocated per clean 
CHECK-IN: Most Owners will do their utmost to give an early arrival time & late departure if possible, so you don't "loose" 2 days of your holiday before you start!  Unless you "up-grade" - most arrival times are set at 4pm with a departure of 10am 
4-PAWS: A lot of Owners are happy for a 4-paws to stay regardless of the "grade" of their Holiday Home.  Some charge a small fee, others don't - so check before you book. All parks will only EVER allocate their LOWEST grade of Holiday Home if a dog is included on the booking.  They will also charge quite a hefty fee.
"PET-FREE":  If an Owners states their Holiday Home is "Pet-Free" it will mean NO animal has been allowed to stay  Parks can only guarantee a "Pet-Free" Holiday Home IF you opt for a higher grade
CHOICE:  Choice is limited to how many Holiday Homes the Owner has! Most parks have a fleet of hire Holiday Homes available
AVAILABILITY:  Availability will be limited to the number of Holiday Homes the Owner has + number of bookings already taken Parks will have a greater choice of availability simply as they have more fleet Holiday Homes available.
SERVICE: Owners will offer a personal service from point of booking through to the actual stay Usually initial booking is through a main switchboard & no personal contact is made until arrival
VERIFICATION: Owners are generally more than happy to provide "proof" of Ownership to reassure that their rentals are genuine.   Or - book direct through anyone displaying an ETK Verification bage! If you book direct through the park - you can be assured it is genuine!