Keep cool with ETK

As the UK is due to see temperatures rising to 94 degrees - ETK have some handy tips on how to stay COOL on HOLIDAY! 




PROTECTION!  Please don't forget your sun-cream!  Your Holiday Home may not be on the Algarve, but the UK sun is still around...  Recent research has actually found that our bodies do need around 30 mins of unprotected sunlight per day to produce the required amount of Vitamin D to stay healthy - HOWEVER...  this really doesn't apply in excessive temperatures!  


There's a big difference between a healthy tan & resembling a lobster by the end of the day, which really isn't a "good look" for anyone....  It's imperative to keep the sun protection topped up throughout the day, especially if you are in & out of the pools or the sea.   




BALDIES!  Horrible expression - but if you do happen to be "folically-challenged" please don't forget YOUR SCALP!  Either bite the bullet & use sun-cream, or wear a HAT ....  a bright red scalp is never a good idea (& hurts.)




DRINK!  May seem like stating the obvious - but copious amounts of alcohol in searing heat is never a good mix!  Alcohol dehydrates the body at a very rapid rate!  Save the cooled beers or chilled wine for the evening when temperatures are a tad lower.  Plain ole water is really the best at rehydrating in hotter weather...  (where's that ice-bucket challenge when you need it eh?)  Avoid drinks containing caffeine - as they will increase the metabolic heat within the body.




FOOD!  Little & often!  The bigger the meal, the more metabolic heat your body will produce by breaking down the food intake. Avoid high protein foods, which also increase metabolic heat.  If you can stand it - eat spicy foods!  Curries & chillies actually stimulate heat receptors in the mouth, which enhances circulation & causes sweating - which in turn: cools the body down!(You can use that anyway, as an excuse to phone that take-away restaurant.)




CLOTHES!  Please don't strip completely unless you're in the comfort of your own home ...  Stick to light-weight, light-coloured clothes instead.  Heat can be trapped by synthetic fibres - but cotton traps perspiration (lovely) & the evapouration process makes you feel cooler.  Lighter colours will reflect the sun's radiation.




COOLING DOWN!  Run your wrists under a cold tap every few hours (or more) - it helps to cool the blood as a main vein runs through the area (& is easier than trying to stick your neck or your thigh under a tap.)  Don't take a "cold shower" - take a tepid shower, just below body temperature: if you use cold water your body generates heat afterwards to compensate for the heat loss.  




SLOW DOWN!  Any strenuous activity will raise your body tempertaure...  so sit back & relax!  If you MUST go out for a daily run - do it early in the morning, or late at night when temperatures are lower.




KEEP THE CURTAINS CLOSED!  Pull curtains shut, or close blinds & the heat of the sun won't be quite so fierce in a Holiday Home...  keep doors & windows open whilst you are there...  but please still remember to close everything securely when you leave the Holiday Home unattended.....  it may seem hot when you get back - but that's better than finding all your possessions have vanished or you have someone else sleeping in your bed.....




OUT & ABOUT!  Put your damp flannels in the freezer over night & shove into a food bag to take out with you the next day... you can also buy cans of "water mist" which stay cool (good for kiddies & big kids alike) & ALWAYS pack the sun-cream... even if the morning looks "iffy" - by lunchtime you could be turning into a lobster... 




OUCH - SUNBURN! If you have managed to burn...  as soon as you feel that "burn" start ... take a cool (not cold!) shower & slap as much moisturising cream, aloe vera, after-sun etc as you can onto the afflicted area + STAY OUT OF THE SUN!  The best after-sun creams contain Vitamins C & E.  NEVER break any blisters ...  that's when infection can set in.   ANY burn draws fluid away from the body - so you need to drink more, (water:- not beer or wine) & watch out for signs of dehydration: dry mouth, thirst, reduced urination, headaches, dizziness & sleepiness (especially with children.)  If you are at all concerned - seek medical advice as soon as possible.  




ETK wish you a happy, sunny, sunburn-free holiday!