Remember, Remember the 5th of November.......

After all the ghouls & ghosts lay to rest again at the end of October, the fireworks & bonfires start to appear for November 5th.


Holiday Parks very rarely organise displays, due to the obvious fire risk with the Holiday Homes but more & more people are deciding to have private parties.   Here's a few facts & figures to consider if you're organising a firework display for your nearest & dearest: 



  • Around 1000 people are treated for firework injuries on & around Nov 5th
  • 5% of those injuries are serious & life-threatening
  • The majority of injuries occur at private firework parties
  • Around half of all injuries are children under the age of 17
  • The most common injuries are to the hands, faces & eyes



  • Only buy from a licensed retailer.  It is illegal for them to sell to anyone under 18
  • Make sure they comply with British Safety Standard 7114 & instructions are in English
  • Buy in full packs, never purchase loose fireworks, or packs with fireworks missing
  • Examine for damage, if they are damaged in any way - walk away!



  • Fireworks can only be bought by adults aged 18 or over
  • Fireworks should comply with British Safety Standard 7114 or the European equivalent
  • Instructions should be in English 
  • You can only buy fireworks from a registered seller for private use between 15 October - 10 November,  26-31 December, 3 days before Diwali & the Chinese New Year.  At other times you can only buy fireworks from licensed shops
  • It is against the law to set off fireworks (inc sparklers), in the street or a public place
  • It is against the law to throw fireworks
  • It is against the law to set off fireworks between 11pm-7am, exceptions being Nov 5 (when the limit is 12-midnight) & New Year's Eve, Diwali & the Chinese New Year (when the limit is 1am)
  • The fine for selling or using fireworks illegally is up to £5,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 6 months + on-the-spot fines of £90 can be issued.



  • Store fireworks safely:  away from naked flames & water
  • Don't drink alcohol if you are lighting fireworks
  • Keep fireworks in a closed box
  • Always have plenty of buckets of water around the firework area
  • Follow the instructions on each firework & make sure they are intended for home use before you use them
  • Light fireworks at arm's length using a taper
  • Stand well back
  • Never go back to a firework that has been lit, it could go off at any point
  • Never throw fireworks
  • Light sparklers one at a time & wear gloves
  • Never give sparklers to children under the age of 5
  • Always supervise children around any fireworks
  • Keep the poor pets indoors

***  Handy ETK tip:  if you are letting your children use sparklers, put the "holding end" into a potato - it's much easier for them to hold than the end of the sparkler itself



  • Pretty obvious:  BUT keep them inside!
  • Don't alter your routine, but try to make sure you are not out walking your dog when the fireworks are going off!
  • If your pet finds somewhere to hide inside - leave them there.  They will come out when they feel relaxed & ready
  • Create a diversion!  A toy, or a quick game can help to distract from the noise
  • Close all your windows & curtains, turn the TV up a bit - it'll help cover the firework noise
  • Some find a plug-in diffuser helps
  • In severe cases, sedatives can be obtained from your vet



  • Immediately get the person away from the source of heat to stop the burning
  • Cool the burn with lukewarm or cool water:  NEVER use cold or iced water.  Do not use the "old wives tale" of putting butter on it!
  • Remove any clothing or jewellery that is near the burn:  BUT DO NOT remove anything that is directly ON the burn area (if you take the clothes off, you will also take layers of skin with it)
  • Make sure the person keeps warm, but do not rub the burn
  • Place a layer of clingfilm over the burn
  • Serious burns need medical attention as soon as possible - children under 5 or pregnant women should seek medical attention for any burn or scald.




  • Sparklers get FIVE times hotter than cooking oil
  • A rocket can reach speeds of 150mph
  • A firework shell can reach up to 200m
  • 3 sparklers burning together generate as much heat as a blowtorch
  • You see the firework explosion before hearing it:  light travels at 671 million mph, sound 761
  • The UK spends around 15million on fireworks every year
  • The ONLY place in the Uk to actively NOT celebrate November 5th is St Peter's School in York, where Guy Fawkes was a pupil
  • The world's largest firework display was in Dubai on December 31st 2013: consisting of 479,651 fireworks stretching over 59 miles along the seafront
  • Orange (calcium) is the easiest firework colour to produce, with blue (copper oxide) being the hardest
  • Fireworks were created between the 7th-9th Century in China
  • Fireworks were first used in the UK at the wedding of King Henry VII in 1486
  • The word "Bonfire" is actually derived from "Bone-Fire" which dates back to Celtic Britain when the bones of animals & traitors were burnt


ETK wish you a safe November 5th