Winterisation 2015

Holiday Parks all have different "rules" over the closed season, some allow the Owner access to the Holiday Home, (usually between set times), & some don't - so do remember to check with your park before you close-down!  If you are permitted on site during close, it is worth popping down to your Holiday Home a couple of times to have a quick check if you can.


  • Remove all the seating cushions & stack away from outside walls - use a "teepee" method.  Ideally, (if you have room), - NOT on the floor - as this can sometimes attract mould or damp on the covers.  If you have room at home to store - perfect!  (But not practical for most!) 
  • Take the curtains down (good opportunity to wash through for next season!)
  • Move all mattresses away from the outside walls 


  • Although security are on park through the Winter months, along with other members of staff - most parks will recommend that all items of value are removed from the Holiday Home
  • Most parks supply window signs stating that no valuables are present in the Holiday Home
  • If you do leave blinds or curtains in the Holiday Home, most parks will ask that you leave them open - so security can see inside when patrolling
  • Don't forget to lock all windows & doors when you leave! 


  • May seem obvious - but turn all appliances off & un-plug if necessary!
  • Defrost the fridge / freezer & leave the doors open (prevents any nasty smells)
  • Turn the boiler off - if you have Central Heating, some will recommend that you leave the system on the lowest setting for the duration of the Winter months 


  • Give the Holiday Home a good clean - by cleaning the floors, windows & fittings, you minimise any risk of mould or bacteria forming
  • Don't forget to empty all cupboards of food!
  • Don't cover any vents - these have been specifically designed to be secure & won't provide access for unauthorised visitors, however they will eliminate damaging condensation. 


  • Do a quick visual check around the outside of the Holiday Home
  • If you can, remove all leaves or moss from the guttering. This will allow the rain water to flow through the drainage system correctly, reducing any chance of roof flooding which could lead to leaks or damp forming inside 


  • You've most probably been told to leave bowls of salt around the Holiday Home to absorb any moisture & some parks even supply bags of salt for this purpose....   ETK can recommend using cat litter instead, & if you mix in some washing powder - the Holiday Home smells lovely when you go back next season! 


Usually the Holiday Park offers this service - at a cost - & it is possible to drain-down yourself.  However:  there are 2 very important facts to find out first!

  1. Check that your park allows you to drain-down yourself... usually if your insurance is through the park, this is not an option for you & the park will insist it is done through them
  2. Check with your insurance company that you are covered if you drain-down yourself. Most have no problem, as long as the drain-down is done


  • Turn the electricity off at the main supply (usually an outside box)
  • Turn the electricity off at the main fuse box (usually in a wardrobe)
  • Turn the gas supply off.  Ideally gas canisters should be removed & stored inside - but we all know this is totally impractical & not even the park will do this - so just turn the tanks off (turn the knob on top of the tanks)
  • Turn the main water supply off (usually a stop-cock under the Holiday Home)
  • Turn all the taps on (+ shower) until they run dry, leave them ON, make sure no plugs are situ
  • Flush the W.C until there is no water in the cistern
  • Find your Holiday Home's drainage taps (usually under the Holiday Home) & turn on to remove any water left in the pipes (you may need a spanner to open the taps), leave them ON
  • Pour antifreeze into all plugholes, the shower & down the W.C to prevent residual water freezing in the system & causing damage.  It doesn't hurt to put some salt in the sinks as well. 

Once all of the above has been done, wave goodbye to your Holiday Home until next season & concentrate on some advertising to make a start on the 2016 bookings!  (Don't forget ETK are offering a 3-month listing for just £10, with renewal fees reduced for the following year!)


Before you know it - it will be time to open up again!

  • Turn your electricity back on at the outside box & inside fuse box
  • Turn the gas supply back on
  • Turn the boiler on
  • Turn the taps off inside, close the drainage taps outside & then turn the water stop-cock back on.  Check each set of taps, shower & W.C are all working correctly
  • Turn the fridge / freezer back on 
  • Then it's time for the "big clean" before you move all the furnishings back in place.  You may find a few insects have found there way into the Holiday Home over the Winter months, so be prepared!   


ETK wish you a succesful 2015 close & a few less-hectic months before the Van-World opens up again for 2016!