Winter security top tips

| Owners

Here are some tips that have been gathered from some of our owners at ETK Lettings.


  • Give your holiday home a final clean of the season – some like to do a thorough clean to help prevent musty smells occurring.
  • Remove all valuables – TVs, Game Consoles, DVD Players, DVDs, CDs, Microwave (remember, if you do have an intruder they will check cupboards if you hide them)
  • Remove net curtains and leave curtains open – why not take them home to give them a good wash (save doing it at the start of the season).  Leaving the windows clear will prevent mold and also make it obvious that the caravan has been emptied of valuables.
  • Do you have a storage unit? Empty the storage unit of bikes, fishing gear, etc and leave the unit unlocked – if somebody were to try to get in they could cause ££s of damage.
  • Have you left your up to date information with the site office?
  • Leave signs in the windows saying “ALL VALUABLES REMOVED” – though some owners don’t like to do this – 50/50 split.
  • Wipe all surfaces and door frames down – should you have an intruder the police can get fresh prints.
  • Similarly, leave white paper on the floor inside the doors – a shoe/boot print is also evidence.
  • Use a UV Pen to mark any items left behind – or ask your local Police Station for identity stickers – this will aid safe return of your property and help prosecution.
  • Leave cupboard and wardrobe doors open – make it obvious there is nothing left hidden.
  • Move soft furnishings and mattresses away from the walls – often soft furnishings are moved into a Tee-Pee in the centre of the room.
  • Take photographs of how you left your caravan – and again when you return – then play “SPOT THE DIFFERENCE”
  • Salt…??? Cat litter…??? Moisture traps…??? There are various methods to ensure your holiday home doesn’t suffer damp damage over the Winter. We have left Moisture Traps in all rooms and also tubs of cat litter mixed with soap powder (to trap moisture and leave a nice scent).
  • Secure your holiday home – make sure all the windows and doors are closed and locked – consider securing handles together with cable ties or similar.
  • Have a safe journey home and get some much needed rest – the 2015 season will soon be here.