What To Include in Your Rentals.....

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ALL Owners deal with rentals differently, but the guest still has basic expectations of what should be in situ on arrival...

What you provide can also help on damage limitation & time saving during your rental season:

Here's a few tips from ETK to help you get it right!


Completely at your descretion as to whether to provide a "welcome" pack or not, but most Owners will leave at least enough tea & coffee for the first brew on arrival!  Some provide milk, salt & pepper, sauces etc.


The biggest complaint is usually that the kitchen is lacking in utensils & equipment.  It doesn't have to be fully stocked, but always a good idea to think of what you use on a regular basis at home & supply the same for your Holiday Home:

Equipment:  May seem obvious, but you must have a fully working oven, microwave & fridge!

Toaster:  Guests will always expect a toaster, preferably a 4-slice.

Pots & Pans:  Always make sure you have a full set of saucepans & most guests expect a frying pan (the Owner's nightmare!)

Baking Trays:  Have at least 2...  leave them covered in tin foil for your guest's arrival, then hopefully each time they're used your guest will do the same & they won't end up too caked in grease etc on departure!  (Do the same with the oven grill pan.)

Ovenware:  Provide at least 2 overproof dishes.

Kitchen Utensils: Supply whatever you use at home on a regular basis, this should include serving spoons, spatulas & kitchen knives. Don't forget tin and bottle openers & potato peelers - advisable to have more than one!  

Cooking Aids:  Provide a couple of plastic mixing bowls, plasic measuring jugs & a seive or strainer.

Gas Ignitor: Always handy to have, just in case & will stop your guests using matches & lighters inside the property!

Cutlery:  Ensure you have enough! If your Holiday Home is an 8-berth, you must have at least 8 of everything & preferably more. Always have a stock of teaspoons... as these are the favourite souvenir to be taken home!

Crockery: Again, cater for above & beyond the berth of the property.  Cups & plates will get broken.

Glasses: Have a selection of pint, wine glasses + tumblers.

Plasticware: Always a good idea to provide plastic plates, beakers & even cutlery for the younger guests...  & stops them using the breakables during their stay!

Bread-board:  If you provide a bread board or work-surface saver it will limit the kitchen knives being used directly on your work surfaces! 

Draining Rack:  This will prevent washing-up being piled on the draining board & hopefully prevent a few breakages!

Cloth-holder: If you provide a holder for washing-up sponges etc, they won't get left wet on your work surfaces, damaging window seals! (Inveriabley they're left at the back of the sink, by the window!)

Tin Foil: As above (!) if you cover the baking trays & grill pan in tin foil for arrival, hopefully the guest will do the same when cooking!

Cleaning Materials: Always leave a basic supply of cleaning materials, which will encourage your guests to use them!

Rubbish Bin:  Provide black sacks for the bin & this should prevent carrier bags full of waste food sitting on your kitchen floor!

Extras:  There are a number of other "optional extras" that will make your guests stay an easier one, but always remember - whatever you provide will need checking & possibly cleaning after departure...  so don't make your life too difficult!  These can include: slow cookers, sandwich makers, foreman grills etc etc.


Most complaints about bathrooms involve cleaning!  It's imperative that the bathroom & W.C are spotless on arrival!

Shower-Mats: NEVER provide a material shower-mat!  It will get dirty very quickly - & just think of all the different feet standing on it!  If you want to provide a shower-mat, use disposable ones.  They are easily purchased on-line & usually aren't too expensive.

Soap-Dishes / Toothbrush Holders:  May look nice, but are just something else to clean (or get broken!) - not necessary for a rental!

Loo Roll: Not essential at all, but it doesn't hurt to leave one roll awaiting your guest's arrival!

Loo Brush: Must be in situ for obvious reasons, but can end up getting very grimy indeed!  Must be checked in-between every rental & not a bad idea to keep a spare!  (Certain supermarket beginning with "A" are currently selling plastic ones for 75p!)

Rubbish Bin: Something else to check & empty on departure, not necessary!

Sanitary Products: Not a bad idea to just discreetly leave a few "emergency supplies" - as this could save your mattress & bedding from an "accident."


Most complaints are usually that the area is not clean, so ensure everywhere has been checked in-between rentals.  (Take all the seating cushions off in-between each rental & hoover!  After collecting the pennies & 5ps... or loom bands!) 

TV:  An old portable is no longer acceptable!  Guests will expect a flat-screen of some sort, doesn't have to be massive - but a decent size is preferable - with a working remote!  

DVD Player: Not essential - but preferable, with a few DVDs - these don't have to be the "latest" releases!

Games Consoles: Some owners provide Playstations, or X-boxes - this is a personal choice, & bear in mind these can go "walkies" quite easily....

Board Games:  Not essential, but useful.

Rubbish Bin: Something else to check & empty on departure, not necessary!


Again, common complaints are regarding cleanliness - so ensure there are no left-overs awaiting the new guest under the table or down the side of the seating! 

Table: May seem obvious but your guest needs a table to eat on!

Lap Trays: Lots of guests will eat on their laps anyway - it's not a bad idea to have lap trays, so not quite so much food ends up on settees or carpets.

Rubbish Bin: Something else to check & empty on departure, not necessary!


Most complaints regarding sleeping areas are space - which there isn't a lot you can do about, apart from trying not to clutter with unnecessary furniture!

Beds: Always provide clean mattress & pillow protectors, even if you are not providing bed linen.  Make sure all mattresses, pillows, duvets are in good condition.

Bedside Tables:  Handy for each person to have access to a bedside table where possible & preferably a lamp in each room.  Maybe provide a plug-in night light for the twin rooms.

Wardrobes:  Plenty of coat hangers!  These will go home as souvenirs on a regular basis!

Rubbish Bin: Something else to check & empty on departure, not necessary!


Each Owner will provide different "extras" ~ an iron & ironing board are useful if you have enough storage, hairdryers etc - but do remember that anything electrical will need a PAT cert & all "extras" you provide get added to your "check-list" after departure, so don't go too mad!


ETK wish you a successful 2015 rental season