How Quick Are You? Respond to holiday enquiries immediately

Here at ETK, we work hard to promote the Holiday Homes on our books - and we do listen to feedback from both our Owners and our Guests...

We understand it is currently the (long-awaited for some) "quiet-time" for Holiday homes, but lots of Guests are still actively hunting down their perfect holiday for 2016...

We've picked up on some recent feedback from our Guests, so don't let them down by making silly, basic errors: 


Always reply to a guest enquiry ASAP!  We have found that many guests are simply moving on to the next Holiday home on their list if they do not receive a response. ETK understand that Owners are busy people, but it doesn't take long to check your emails - especially with access easily available now through phones, tablets etc....  

If you are not in a position to issue a full reply straight away: just send a little courtesy note to the potential guest, thanking them for their enquiry and state you will get back to them asap with full details. And make sure you do that as soon as you can access your rental files! 

If you leave the reply for even a few days
it is quite likely that the Guest has looked elsewhere


Always keep it up-to-date! Quite a few Guests come back to us saying they were unable to reserve their chosen break away as the property had already been booked, even though it was shown as "available" on the availability calendar. Some availability calendars show no booked dates at all! If you then go back to your potential Guest saying the dates are booked, but you haven't shown them - think of the impression this gives the Guest of your rental service to them.


Make sure your advertising shows photos relevant to how your Holiday Home looks now - not 2 years ago! If you have had super-dooper decking fitted over the closed season - show photos of it on your advertising, or at least mention it in your text-blurb, so the Guest is aware of the improvements.


Keep your advertising text informative and again - up-to-date!  Two lines of text on a listing will not attract Guests to your Holiday Home. Along the same lines, 10 paragraphs of information will not be read by them (yawn.)