Fire safety

Thankfully Holiday Home fires don't occur very often; but when they do they can be horrific. Last year, a few cases were reported where both human & pet occupants lost their lives - so ETK would like to just give a quiet reminder to Owners & Guests as to how to reduce the risks & have a safe stay:


So you can hopefully now appreciate HOW EASILY these can "go up" if they catch fire... it can take just seconds for the entire Holiday Home to be burnt to the ground.The above photo is "Als Van!" 13 outside panels were replaced in Dec 2013 - but this shows very nicely EXACTLY "what a caravan is made of" (not sugar & spice either.) Once the thin metal sheeting is removed, the framework is entirely wooden; with polystyrene blocks fitted into the cavities as insulation. That's it! On the other side of the framework & insulation blocks, are the chipboard interior walls.

  • CHECK the smoke alarms on a weekly basis!  If you are a guest, ensure you have a working smoke alarm on arrival. (Owners - never hurts to keep a spare in the property + suitable batteries!)
  • NEVER use the oven or the hob as a source of heat.  This sounds obvious, but many, many Holiday-Makers have been known to recommend leaving these on as a "additional heating"
  • NEVER leave any gas appliances on unattended
  • NEVER cover electric heaters, or try to dry clothes on them
  • NEVER leave clothes drying in front of the gas fire, as best they will be scorched - at worst you'll have a fire to deal with
  • NEVER have a naked flame burning inside (candles!)  (Owners - leave torches in situ in case of a power-cut)
  • NEVER use a disposable BBQ inside!  (That may sound ridiculous, but it has been known... - also a major risk of carbon monoxide poisoning there) 
  • If smoking is permitted inside the Holiday Home (rare!) - please be careful!  NEVER throw cigarette ends onto outside decking (see photos below!) - always dispose of properly & ensure they are not still alight
  • If you are permitted to have an outside BBQ - use common sense!  Find the flattest area possible & as far away from any gas tanks as you can!  NEVER leave unattended; you may not have children with you, but other people have & the children have a tendency to play all around the Holiday Park & particularly in-between the Holiday Homes...
  • If you are a guest - NEVER touch the gas tanks, if you have a problem with your supply - contact your Owner
  • A current gas safety certificate should be in place for the property.  This may not be displayed in the Holiday Home (although it's always a good idea to do so) - but should be available to view on request from the site office. This should be done annually & the rental should not be taking place without one.


These are some examples from 2014 of "what can happen" - please don't let this be you:


One of these fires was thought to be caused by a passer-by throwing a lit cigarette end onto the decking, which then caught the garden furniture alight - resulting in the above.  Thankfully the occupants survived, but their dog didn't .......


ETK wish you a SAFE stay in your Holiday Home.