Do you have a Pampered Pooch?

See how many of these apply to you!

  • 85% of dog owners consider their dogs to be fully fledged members of the family, with 8% admitting they put their dog above other family members & a further 8% above themselves.
  • 20% of owners have changed their holiday routines so their dog can go with them.
  • 98% think owning a dog is beneficial for their children's development.
  • 37% admitted to calling their partner or children by their dog's name.
  • 53% stated their dogs were allowed to sleep on or in their beds (of that figure, this is more common with female owners at 55% compared with 43% of male owners).


  • 40% stated they are happy to let their dogs lick their faces.
  • 30% of dog owners carry a photo of their 4-paws.
  • 30% have photos of their dog displayed in their workplace.
  • 55% believe dogs can be more intelligent than humans.
  • 30% stated that their dogs had their own seat in the living area.
  • 24% admit to opening a social media profile for their dog, with 9% having their own Facebook page - 52% have photos of their dog on their own profiles.
  • 56% stated that they would mourn the death of their dog over an extended family member, almost 50% have taken the day off work when their dog passed away & 23% asked for compassionate leave.
  • 91% feel that the loss of a dog is under-estimated.


How does your partner fair in all this?! 

  • 65% feel their dog is more reliable.
  • 31% would rather tell a secret to their pet than either their partner or best friend.
  • 53% would consider breaking up with a new partner if their pet didn’t like them.
  • 10% feel that their pet’s reaction has influenced a choice of partner.
  • 22% would consider getting a new pet to represent the next stage of commitment before marriage.
  • 48% would include pet’s custody in a pre-nuptial agreement if they had one.

Can owning a dog find you LURV?! 

  • 56% believe they have a better social life because of their dogs.
  • 74% say they have met new friends through dog walks.
  • Only 7% feel that a new relationship has started through their dogs.
  • 40% say they have made presumptions about the owner, depending on what dog they own.
  • 72% say they would talk to someone with a dog as opposed to someone without.


How do you talk to your dog? 

  • 58% do not talk to their dog in their usual speaking voice.
  • 80% feel their dog understands what they are saying.


Status Symbols?

  • 88% feel that dogs can be seen as status symbols or fashion accessories.
  • 90% feel that our dogs are more spoilt than they were 20 years ago.
  • 65% feel that a dog in the workplace is a calming influence.
  • 76% feel there should be more working dogs.


Food glorious food 

  • 83% stated they weren't worried about over-feeding.
  • 18% said their dog was not allowed "human" food.
  • 17% give their dog fruit & vegetables.
  • 14% say their dogs enjoy dairy produce.
  • 12% said their dogs were allowed left-overs.
  • 58% admitted that they thought giving their dog treats was "normal".
  • 91% stated they knew the recommended weight for their dog.
  • 63% gave their dog a special Christmas dinner.
  • 25% of dogs had a special meal on their birthday.
  • 28% admit they give in to the "puppy eye" look with treats or food.
  • 56% of owners said their dogs had "stolen" food at some point.


  • 30% of dogs are rescued.
  • 83% of dogs are purchased by 55-64yr olds.
  • 46% of owners said the breed was more important than the cost.
  • 47% spend between £501 - £1000 on their dog every year.
  • 66% buy accessories for their dog in addition to Christmas & birthday presents.
  • 85% considered long term costs before purchasing a dog.
  • 57% of dogs are purchased from a breeder.

Home Alone

  • 56% of owners said they are not worried about leaving their dog alone in the house.
  • 40% of dogs are left for upto 2 hours a day.
  • 35% are left between 2-5 hours.
  • 20% are left for between 5-8 hours.
  • 5% are left for over 8 hours.
  • 56% of owers said their dog caused no problem when left alone.
  • 27% of dogs regularly scratched or chewed furniture when on their own.
  • 24% had soiled in the house.
  • 8% excessively howled or barked.
  • 3% displayed unusual behaviour.
  • 3% tried to escape.

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