Years ago, the general consensus to get that "bargain break away" was simply to leave it as late as possible, trawl through the "cancellations" available and find yourself a "last minute holiday."

However, with so many more Holiday Companies and private Owners now competing for your holiday purchases, leaving it all to the last moment is not a terribly good idea at all!




Lots of Guests seem to presume that it will be easy to find a last minute break away and for some reason, this seems to arise most of the time during the "peak season" dates (Bank Holidays or school holidays!)

Certainly with private Owners, a "last minute" booking is not as straight-forward as it may sound... some Guests are under the impression, if a Holiday Home is available then it's just a case of turning up with cash and luggage in hand!

There will be paperwork to be agreed to and signed, payments to be made and pre-arrival (and post-departure) cleaning slots to be booked in - which all takes time.

Very few Owners would be able to accept a same-day-booking! It's not impossible - but it's not common-place and certainly not as easy as Guests seem to think it will be!



So - how do you make sure you're not sat with suitcases packed but no holiday to go to?


Most Owners will always advise to BOOK IN ADVANCE!  Especially for peak dates...

Usually, the only "up-front" initial cost will be a deposit to secure your Holiday dates.

The majority of private Owners will happily accept instalments for the booking, so it's a lot easier on the pocket to book in advance AND have plenty of time to pay for the break without having to find the Holiday cost PLUS spending money all in the "one hit!"

AND you'll know with confidence that you actually HAVE your holiday, instead of putting your holiday plans in "the hands of fate!"



So DON'T leave your Holiday booking right until the last moment, unless you really have no choice!

Lots of Owners are already taking 2017 bookings - so take a look through the listings at ETK and get your next break away in the bag!


ETK hope you have some lovely Holidays ahead!